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Verify number


Select subscription

You will be taken to the Netflix website, where you can select the subscription that you want.


Complete the registration

Next, you create your username and password and complete the registration process.

No charge will be made to your NATEL bill until you complete the following registration process at Netflix.

Alternatively you can also open your Netflix account via your Swisscom TV Box and pay with your Swisscom bill.

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Billing FAQs

Where are the costs for my Netflix subscription billed?

The costs for your Netflix subscription are billed on your Swisscom invoice (under "Purchases"). You can view the costs at any time in the Customer Center under "Bills & Charges".

Go to Customer Center

If your Netflix subscription has already been debited in the current month, you can see the costs under
"Bills & Costs" > "Current use" > "TV use".

I have a mobile subscription that has a spending limit or blocks premium services. Can I still use Netflix?

No. When you pay through a Swisscom mobile subscription you can only add or extend a Netflix subscription if your number is activated for additional services (i.e. making purchases with your Swisscom number). Please make sure that you don’t exceed the spending limit and that sufficient credit is available.

Where can I change the payment method for my Netflix subscription?

  • If you pay by credit card:

    If you already have a Netflix subscription and want to pay it through your Swisscom bill, you need to cancel your existing Netflix account. Wait until the account is deactivated and then reactivate it with your TV-Box under the heading "Apps" or with your Swisscom mobile number. When you reactivate the account, you can use the same e-mail address as your user name again.

  • If you pay through your Swisscom bill:

    You can change the payment method for your Netflix account at any time. The amount is then debited from your credit card.

Legal Notice:

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